This week’s guest speaker was Joseph Conte, PhD(c), CPHQ.

Mr. Joseph Conte is a Senior Health Care Executive with 25 years’ experience at the nation’s top health systems.

Joseph is the Executive Director of the Staten Island Performing Provider System (SI PPS). The SI PPS was created to implement the Medicaid redesign program known as DSRIP.

For more details on DSRIP; click on the link below:

The PPS will coordinate the efforts of the local teaching hospitals and over 50 community based collaborators.

Joseph stated how our value system is out of whack. There are major issues of health care in Staten Island and there are major changes taking place.

Joseph mentioned there are several internal programs to help bring unity and wellness to our community.

PPS is dedicated to making a difference and improving the neighborhood in many ways including working with colleges such as CSI, St. John, etc…by bringing in goodwill and fellowship to help them prioritize what’s important. Create gardens, social environments, etc…so the students today can put down the electronics and work together to make their neighborhoods a better place.

We spoke about how more Urgent Cares have opened up on SI and the pros and cons. Also how they like to steer people to a Primary Physician so each patient can build a relationship with the doctor and not just be seen for a quick diagnose and that the Primary Physician can hold their medical records.

After Joseph Conte left, William Myhre, MPA was gracious enough to step in to answer any additional questions the club had.

With William, we started to speak of the EMS calls and how 40% of them are not emergency calls. He mentioned about lessening those calls so that they can pick up in less time than they do now – especially for real emergencies.

Thanks to Danielle Reyes for this weeks reporting.