Rob Myers welcomed Kevin Joyce, Scott Salinardi, Chriss McCullough, Chris Bungary, Nancy Jones, Fran Danke, Danielle, Laerum, Jillian Howard, and Burak Uzun from Lifestyles for the Disabled. Also Angela Hart and Ona Ezeony
im, guests of Lori Kareles.

Scott Salindari and Kevin Joyce spoke to the Rotary about Lifestyles for the Disabled. Lifestyles for the Disabled began in 1994 and serves over 250 developmentally disabled adults with a goal to "focus on individual's ability -- not their disability."

Lifestyles for the Disabled strives to provide the intellectully disabled with realistic work settings and experiences within the Staten Island community.
930 Willowbrook Rd, New York, NY 10314
(718) 981-1000

Rotary Attendance: Fellow Rotarians. If you have not been to our Tuesday Rotary meetings, we miss you and need your input each week to help us
reach our S.I community. Please block out Tuesday’s from 12-1:30 pm for Rotary and come back to be with us. The speakers have been great, and our fellowship together as Rotarians can not be replaced…See you Tuesday!


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